High-Tech Home Automation Upgrades

Sam Sansalone
Published on June 22, 2016

High-Tech Home Automation Upgrades

This blog topic made me think of this commercial, hahaha.

Ok, so maybe you aren’t making your own clothes. But is your home up to speed with the 21st century? If not, bring it in with some high-tech home automation upgrades!

Many people have already upgraded their property with home automation, but may be completely unaware that they have. You may already use products such as the Nest thermostat or the Amazon Echo, these products are in fact technologies that are part of the home automation revolution that is changing the way people live in their homes.

Today’s market provides a home automation device for each and every room in your home. Below are some of the top home automation products to upgrade your home.

In the Kitchen!

Bluetooth thermometer

I love this one. You will never mistakenly burn your meal again with a helpful smart meat thermometer. It works by sending the information from the thermometer to your smart phone via a Bluetooth connection, showing you when your pork, chicken, turkey, or fish reaches the right temperature.

Slow cooker

Crock pot fan? You can start dinner before you leave the office with a Wi-Fi enabled crock pot. By simply swiping your finger across your smart phone you can turn the cooker on, set the temperature, or turn it off to make sure that your dinner isn’t burnt if you are delayed in getting back to your home.

Wi-Fi enabled kettle

Set the kettle to boil remotely by using an app on your smart phone. Whether you want the kettle to be boiled before you get out of bed or ready for you when you get home from work, the Wi-Fi enabled iKettle will boil your water and even hold its temperature for up to a half hour. The kettle is made by a company called Smarter, which has an array of tech-friendly kitchen items.

In the Bathroom!

Bluetooth speakers for the shower

What if you get a song stuck in your head and don’t want to sing it in the shower? Problem solved! Sing along to your favorite songs, not any others, with the Aquatunes waterproof speaker. The speaker connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and enables you to stream music from your device that is played in the shower. Simply hook the speaker on to your shower rod and press the sync button to link up with your mobile device. Voila! That annoying song is out of your head!

Heated toilet seat

This one is worth millions to me. LumaWarm offer the heated nightlight toilet seat. The seat is illuminated by a blue LED light and is equipped with multiple temperature settings that warm the seat within a couple of minutes.

In the Bedroom!

Smart bedroom lighting

Smart lighting can help you really relax at the end of the day. Hey, it might even help you fall asleep, with lighting that is personalized to you, with dimming and variable color temperatures. There are several types of smart lighting products available, with some set by timers that can be easily accessed and changed through your smart phone, while others utilize motion sensors to adapt the lighting to your nightly routine. Really helpful for times when you’re reading in bed.

Smart windows

Equip your windows with smart window film, or adjustable blinds that operate by a motor, which can be accessed on your smart phone. Smart blinds and shades can adapt and respond to the lighting level outside. Smart window film lets you transition your window from clear to opaque by simply tapping a button on your smart phone. The smart blinds in the link I connected are made by Somfy and they actually make several other household products.

Home Automation for Any Room!

Smart sockets/plugs

Another sneaky-cool gadget. Smart plugs are a simple and easy way to make a start upgrading your home. The smart socket device plugs into your existing power outlet and enables you to remotely control the power usage and keep an eye on your energy usage. There are several manufacturers of smart plugs, iHome, TP-LINK, Belkin, and D-Link to name a few (the link is D-Link), and the devices are an affordable way to start upgrading your home with prices ranging from as low as $30.

Humidity detector

Summertime hack! The Humidity Sensor and Fan Control by Leviton can identify the level of humidity in your home and automatically react to it by turning on a ventilation fan. The smart device can be used in the bathroom and any other area of your home to reduce moisture in the air.

Room by room upgrades

Were the words “smart”, “wi-fi”, or “home automation” used a bit much for your liking? Maybe a little overwhelmed with all these gadgets? If you still don’t really know where to start, there are several home automation and smart home upgrade kits on the market.

The main purpose of home automation is to make daily tasks easier for the user. You don’t need to rush and try to upgrade everything in your home at once. Identify areas of your home or exact tasks where you would appreciate some technological help, then research what home automation options are available to fulfill your needs. Until then, your home will continue to be enjoyable for you.

Although, if you’re still making your own clothes then this blog post might not be the best way to help.

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