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Chesapeake Homes For Sale

Chesapeake, Virginia - Relaxation, Country, and Community!

Chesapeake, Virginia definitely has its pros and cons and benefits for you to search for Chesapeake homes. Living in Chesapeake allows for many options for land, community, and peacefulness. It also can have some drawbacks to it, as Movoto ranks Chesapeake, Virginia as the 3rd most boring city in America! Lol! However, here’s a man who defends the city against that ranking. It boasts some of the best schools in all of Virginia, including Grassfield, Great Bridge, Western Branch, and Hickory, which makes Chesapeake homes very in demand. Chesapeake, Virginia also has easy access to other cities in the Hampton Roads area. It’s minutes away from Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk. It has a rich community – many people who live here are born and raised, so some Chesapeake homes don’t go on the market very frequently! The city has a fine mixture of country and proximity to action, making it a destination spot for people who want this as well as an awesome school district! Here’s some information from that gives more guidance for those looking to move to the city! And here’s another site that gives more good info about neighborhoods.

Chesapeake's Schools Are Top Notch!

Grassfield, Western Branch, Great Bridge, and Hickory Lead the Way

Hickory High School is one of the several school districts in Chesapeake, Virginia that people will go out of their way to move into. Real estate is popular in Hickory, as well as places like Grassfield, Western Branch, and Great Bridge. These are some of the highest-ranked districts in the area according to They also have high-performing sports programs, too! They span all across the city, so if you’re interested in the southern or western part of Chesapeake, Virginia there’s a good chance you’re looking at Chesapeake homes in one of these school districts. If you talk with families who live in any of these districts you find a common thread of school pride and tradition. Both kids and parents love these areas! Not to mention the teachers, as ranks Chesapeake Public Schools as the 8th best place to teach in all of the 132 districts in Virginia! These school districts in Chesapeake, Virginia span as far south as the Virginia and North Carolina border and rise as far north as just below Greenbrier.

Chesapeake, Virginia Is Full of Nature!!

So Many Options for Outdoor Activity

Another thing that Chesapeake, Virginia is known for is its outdoor fun! It’s LOADED with parks, large and small. Some notable larger parks are historic Great Bridge Lock Park, Northwest River Park, the famous Great Dismal Swamp, where I used to train for running races, and Chesapeake City Park, which has tons of local events and plenty of places for people to enjoy each other, including basketball courts, picnic tables, and massive open space! Other parks and areas include the Chesapeake Arboretum, which is in the Battlefield area and a fun retreat right in the middle of the city, as well as Lake Drummond! Here’s a link for the top 15 things to do in Chesapeake, Virginia! The outdoor living plus the highly-ranked school districts makes real estate in Chesapeake, Virginia a highly-valued asset! Chesapeake homes prices can be a bit higher than some other areas in Hampton Roads, but you get quite a bit – explaining the high demand of Chesapeake homes.

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