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Where rich history meets hip and trendy!

What a night in Ghent might sound like:
“Well, our night started with a fresh cup of Joe at this classic, yet contemporary coffee shop called Cafe Stella. We didn’t think a cup of coffee could be such an experience! Vintage vibes create a peaceful background to the subtle hustle and buzz of friends conversing throughout the shop. We were gearing up for an independent film later on, but got hungry. Mediterranean it is! We walked a block to a tasty treat called Azar’s, which exceeded our expectations (seriously, who doesn’t like chicken kabobs?!). Our movie was about to start and thankfully we were only a couple blocks from our landing spot. The 80 year-old Naro Cinema is unlike any other local theater – its Art Deco design is current, yet it still makes you imagine screenings there from decades past. After the show we walked another couple blocks for drinks at Public House, a humming local gastropub with a flair for historical and urban design. What an evening it was!”

The Ghent area in Norfolk is like no other in the region. Within a short drive to Norfolk Navy Base and Downtown Norfolk, it still displays its own unique style that can only be found there. If you’re a follower (or even distant appreciator) of the arts, you’ll mesh well in the local culture. The Williamsburg borough in New York is the nation’s capital of hip and style and Ghent satisfies those looking for a similar lifestyle. It was named by’s Max Read in the artlce The Williamsburg of Your City. It was also mentioned by Forbers Magazine in the article 5 Things That Make Norfolk A Hidden Gem. Ghent an intriguing community knit together by bikes, beer, art, and culture and definitely a place for those with a flair for the unique.

The Arts!

Theater, painting, fashion, style – Ghent’s culture reigns supreme!

Norfolk isn’t just a military town! Hardly! Over the past decades Ghent life has blossomed and it all centers around the arts! If you’re creative or appreciate individual expression, this is home. The Chrysler Museum‘s art collection boasts an impressive array of over 30,000 objects, many of which are quite highly sought-after. Also, the NEON District is a movement that is promoting the arts and design in Norfolk, centered in and around Ghent. It hosts plenty of theatrical opportunities and is the epicenter of what it means to be an individual.

Ghent promotes style and history and the neighborhood designs are no different. Smack dab in the middle of Ghent is The Hague, an area around Smith Creek. Around this creek are neighborhoods built in the early 20th century that make you reflect on what life was probably like here 100 years ago. And the styles in Ghent don’t change! Local government encourages the preservation and promotion of its history (named in the National Register of Historic Places, so walking the streets is like a trip in a time machine!


Ghent restaurants can’t be beaten!

With great expression and diversity comes great variety. Ghent can’t help itself but show off its vast flavor in the form of multicultural restaurant experiences. Beer fans flock here (award-winning The Birch and brewery, Smartmouth) but so do cravers of ethnic styles. From Mediterranean (Azar’s and Mr. Shawarma…did I mention very healthy Pasha Mezze, perfect for the strict vegetarian? Also, having been to Indian multiple times, I can say that Indian (Rajput) tastes like it should, Vietnamese (Pho 79), and the BEST sushi buffet in Hampton Roads (Volcano Sushi).

But, let’s not forget that Ghent knocks it out of the park with American-style restaurants, as well. Supper is a delicate combo of fine dining and casual, with a low-lit first-floor and a relaxing, second-floor rooftop deck with bar. Want a perfect lunch sandwich? Visit the quaint, unassuming Ten Top. Another quick walk will take you straight to trendy No Frills Grill (their tuna is amazing). Or, you could just make a turn towards southern Ghent and you’ll walk into the gastropub, Public House, another beer-lovers spot with pool tables, TVs, but also rooms for larger gatherings or even areas for a more sophisticated date night.