Greenbrier Real Estate

The heart of stability and accessibility!

Greenbrier est. Population: 30,200
City of Chesapeake Demographics

Many areas in Hampton Roads boast of having a couple select qualities that set them apart from the rest. However, what’s better than living within easy access to all of those areas? That’s a striking feature that Greenbrier offers. How about some others?

–Great schools? Check.
1) Indian River High School
2) Greenbrier Middle School
3) Greenbrier Primary School

–Recreational activities, like golf courses, concerts, running trails, and a 90-acre fully loaded park? Check.
–Low crime? Absolutely, check!
–Local “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant gems and rich history? Check, once again.

What if you wanted the comfort of the suburbs but also want quick access to city life? Greenbrier offers that in spades.

–Less than 15 minutes from Downtown Norfolk
–20 minutes from the Va Beach Oceanfront
–Even within reasonable driving distance to all local military bases.

The amount of Greenbrier homes for sale is often low. It’s a high-demand area because it’s safe to say that if the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake doesn’t have something inside it that you want, it will allow you an easy way to get it. Greenbrier is the complete package!

Greenbrier Mall and Shopping Centers

All-In-One spot for everything shopping - fashion, tech, books, restaurants.

For suburban living it’s important to have quick access to needs. The Greenbrier shopping experience is so easy and comprehensive. You can find it all within a few blocks! The neighborhoods are located all around this section of town, so if you live in Greenbrier you’re close to this shopping area. Possibly even walking distance!

The big box Greenbrier mall stores are here –
–JC Penny’s.

Trendy chains around the mall, such as
–Best Buy
–Babies R’ US
–Bed Bath & Beyond
–Old Navy
–Barnes & Noble
–TJ Maxx

Taking a break from the stores? Grab a bite at some fantastic local restaurants.

–Cinema Café
–Black Pelican Seafood Co
–Jason’s Deli
–El Loro Mexican
–Ynot Pizza
–Zoe’s Kitchen
–Pho Dalat Vietnamese

Where’s the Starbucks? It’s also smack dab in the middle of the shopping area. Ice Cream? How about Coldstone Creamery, a couple doors down from Starbucks!

You can literally spend your entire shopping day in one space, saving a ton of driving time, and all in the safe confines of Greenbrier!


Close proximity to all local attractions!

The benefit of living in an area that spans a large footprint is that with some driving you can do a vast array of activities. However, what if the activities are just beyond realistic access to enjoy? Great neighborhoods often don’t allow families to be within close proximity to other desirable areas. This is what makes Greenbrier so desirable. You’re presented with a long menu of things within reach and you can transform your Greenbrier experience into an Experience Du Jour! Drive about 10 minutes and you’re within reach of the hip, edgy Downtown Norfolk and historic, trendy Ghent borough. Drive 20 minutes the other direction without stopping and you’ll find yourself floating in the Atlantic Ocean (stop before you see sand). Want to experience nature? You’re 20 minutes away from the serenity of Northwest River Park, home to various species of animals and opportunities to fish and explore. Want a mix of rich history and extreme experience? Busch Gardens theme park and Colonial Williamsburg are only an hour north and an easy, exciting day-trip. Once you’re done for the day you can recharge back at your home in the relaxing, peaceful atmosphere of the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake.